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Referral Program

The best compliment you can give is a referral!

Who is the referral program for?

All of our clients can use the referral program!

How does it work?

For every referral from you that books and completes a service with Ohana Skincare & Beauty, you will receive 20% off of a service of your choice!

What else do you need to know?

A few very important pieces of information: 1) Make sure your referral mentions your name when booking their appointment to ensure you will receive the 20% discount added to your account! 2) You can send as many referrals as you would like, and you will receive a 20% off discount for each referral, BUT these discounts cannot be stacked and must be used for separate appointments. 3)Unless otherwise stated, referral discounts cannot be used in combination with any other specials or discounts.

Please contact us via any of the points on our contact page if you have any questions or concerns regarding our referral program. Thank you to all of our current and future clients!

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